Friday, February 10, 2017

Scenes full Laga, Lady GaGa craze in Video Clip 'John Wayne'

On Wednesday (8/2) yesterday, Lady Gaga just released the latest video clip "John Wayne" exclusively in the Apple Music. The good news, now the clip can already be witnessed by everyone via YouTube.

Video clip "John Wayne" This is a continuation of the previous clip "Million Reasons". Beginning with the last scene of "Million Reasons", seen GaGa wearing a pink costume and hat coboi while holding a guitar.

Then Gaga appeared riding a horse along a handsome man. Sitting in the back, Gaga asked the man to gallop faster.

The 30-year-old singer was changed into the motor mounts. With sexy costumes all in black, GaGa chasing a group of men driving a car illegally. On the sidelines of the scene, GaGa energetic dancing in her bra and leather jacket joint silver background dancers.

GaGa action worsened when he was in a car with a man. He kept teasing the man who was driving the car, until the car hit a fence. The video ends with scenes of Gaga fainted from the car accident.

Citing Dailymail, the song was inspired by the famous actor John Wayne. Single nuanced this country included on his latest album "Joanne". (Wk / kr)